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Lord Amagon's Doctor Who stories

Timelines (revised!)

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The old, new, and Roger Boyes!

First Timeline:  It starts with The New Order Double Jeopardy, then... there are prequels & sequels to Identity Crisis, and so forth.
Second Timeline:  The New Order & Double Jeopardy still start everything off, yet the rest of the timeline is different.  Completely erased of what had happened....
Parallel/Altered Universes: The universe where The old timeline Valeyard came from is not much different than the main universe.  Only slight differences here and there, as the new timeline also follows pretty much the same formula.  There will be slight changes that occurred to separate it from the old timeline, as the only universe that is changed considerably is the "altered universe", where The Valeyard made a deal with The Black Guardian, and everything was changed.
Lost in Time Series:  Some stories here can fit in either/both timelines, or not at all.  Alternate Responses is a shorter/"alternate" version of Identity Crisis, with fewer & some other characters brought back and introduced.  The Valeyard's Revenge is an accumulation of ideas & such from the stories in the new timeline, but again, somewhat different.  These are parallel universe stories, but since they are too similiar to my other stories, they're put in this series.  Meeting The Teletubbies, well....
Third "cherry-picked" timeline (LiT series):  I am working on Echoes and Reflections, which in turn, will be part of the new and last of the timelines, there is a story sequel, Mission - Find The Doctor, and the last chapter of Time Infractions will end it all (well, not THE END, but still).
NOTE: I wasn't going to include The Time War, but, my friend, "Marnal Gate", told me this:
Craig Hinton’s short story in “In-Vision: Remembrance of the Daleks” reveals that any universe with Time Lords will suffer a Time War.  The details (like who the enemy is) will change but the War is inevitable. 
SO, this means there IS a Time War, but, it does not mean I will necessarily go into any details.
Another thing, The Time War will NOT occur in either The Old or New Timelines, as it was too soon for it to have happened, but now with The 1st becoming The 8th....
The novels were very clear that only the 8th Doctor was half human so that’s no problem. 
“Human Nature” is a bit weird but “Dead Romance” revealed that the original “Human Nature” took place in IM Foreman’s Bottle Universe which merged with the continuity of the Classic timeline at the end of the “The Ancestor Cell.”  It would be silly to assume that two timelines could merge into one without some details changing – hence the NEW “Human Nature” having some differences from the old one.
I don't know, but I can't seem to wrap my mind around this one.  If time bottle universe has merged, doesn't that mean the stories did happen then or what, not to mention why is it only The 8th Dr was half human (besides the fact The Americans wanted it that way)....
Roger Boyes' Timeline (LiT series): As Identity Crisis is the 1st
appearance of his Doctor (origin story) and The Vampire's Curse (now part of Time Infractions) being his sequel and the start of his films & stories (past & present), cleaning up what I left open in Identity Crisis, that I already did in the old timeline, but with new changes.  Just trying to please everyone!
TO BE CONTINUED!  (What happen'd to my nose! -- Billy)

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