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Echoes and Reflections: The movie
Monday, 19 April 2010

The last scene (which is the first scene) is now done!  Special thanks to David Voltz (my TV sister's husband) for this very important scene which starts off the film!  It's based on the scene in "Rose", where that guy tells Rose about The Doctor.  This is basically the same, and just as important.

 I filmed the desk scenes Saturday night, and though the tape started glitching, I didn't want to start a brand new tape (as they are hard to get), and it's a fan film.  It's not perfect (though my producer will do his best), but for me to finally get something I want done, with a group of people that enjoy doing it, I am happy.

 Now, I just need to copy it all to disc, watch it for the time codes, and then hand it all over to my producer to work his magic (A LOT OF MAGIC)!

Then, I will have it available to show, then (if we're still alive in a couple of years, all these things are happening now), then for him to work on Identity Crisis, and minor fixes to Alternate Responses.  Add a blooper disc, with my short trips and commentary for E&R with Heather Kime, then I'm done!

Well, back to writing, working, and praying I win the lottery, so I can do more in my writing, as I would be relaxed, and my brain rested, which reminds me I have to fix some more entries on the website, as I also try to send more pictures of me onto my Photobucket account, then others from the photo album here, and... another computer update?!  GAH, I need to get back home to Orlando, work on this computer, get high speed, and ultimately work on my Dr WHO den!


Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 10:17 PM EDT
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Saturday, 17 April 2010

It's been a while since I've posted, mostly due to the slowness of the internet.  But, let's see:

 I've been trying and trying to get one more person for a scene that I've determined IS important to the start of the film, and I can't get anyone!  I'm certain my TV sister's husband will do the scene (should email her again about directions).....

 Filmed at Rose Cemetery a couple of weeks ago (in Macon).  BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I went back the other day to film just the cemetery, but, the prisoners blocked the gate to get in, and I also had the wrong tape with me, so that's good.  I'll try again soon enough.  Anyway, with this HUGE place as the cemetery for the story, I'm sure the little shots I filmed in Lake Mary will fit in, as this place has soooo many levels to it!  Filmed The Meddling Monk there, and even when I was filming his scene, 2 idiots walked RIGHT INTO THE DAMN SHOT!  Something for the bloopers!!!

I am planning to film the desk scene tonight (some photos on the desk, folder filled with others).  Another scene has been added, where I focus on the computer monitor on "MY" TORCHWOOD group.  Have to wait 'til it's dark to film.  probably around 8pm.

The website has been updated, as I hated the fact Tripod took the free site, and decided to charge for it, as it wasn't the same.  From what I can tell, for the DW one, it's the same.  I shut down my other ones, as they were more blogs than anything.  I'll update with DW links later on.  Right now, I'm trying to add 2 new story covers, but, as usual, errors.

When all the filming is done, I'll transfer it all to DVD, watch it all, get the time codes down, give my producer both, and see when he can get it all done.  THEN, work on the other 2 films in time.  I should have money to pay him by then!

Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 4:02 PM EDT
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Saturday, 19 December 2009

With all that's going on, and still an uncertain future, I DO need to get back into filming and writing.  I plan to get as much or all the rest of the minimal scenes done (based on those who I still need; planning the re-shoot of the desk w/ photos scene next week), then back to the old stories I've written and fixing them (longer and stronger).

As for my websites, I don't know.  Still disgusted that the free version available is now a paid version, so in time I do need a better website, though sadly it seems Tripod is still the better one.  I don't know.

 I do know that I'm almost out of disc space, and it is basically due to all my photos.  I'm going to have to delete at least 2 of the 3 albums and just keep them on Photobucket (as one of them all ready is, and is also on Facebook).

I've been so distracted by how MUCH I despise my job (cutting back on hours, the horrid people that shop there, and issues with management), I get home, and automatically get onto the internet, spend HOURS (due to dial-up), and keep playing Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, and just waste time, when I should be packing again, throwing things away, etc.  Yet, I'm in debt, AGAIN, buying things that I won't see, as they will go into boxes, waiting for one day to be displayed, since I have no room.  Not to mention dreaming my life away on winning the lottery....

 This is more than this post is designed for (as The Real Poopie should cover most of this rant), but, it all ties together that I need to get organized, get things done, and be ready for what is to come....

The one thing I can look forward to is the re-shoot of the desk scene.  I NEED to get the B&W photos printed out (the list of characters is made).

Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 11:17 PM EST
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Friday, 20 November 2009

The primary footage is done (with my latest trip back to Central FL), and now only minor character scenes yet to be film.

I have to watch the footage, get the times down, so I can hand it over to my producer (William Grammer), so all he has to do is edit it, and add some sound effects.  Yet, this only covers Echoes and Reflections.

 Now, Identity Crisis I have to do the same, but, I think there are a few special effects that I would like (whatever he thinks is cool as well), Alternate Responses is basically done (with the help of Arthur Dykeman years ago), but, I need a scene to be set as a still shot, and overdub it (don't like what my stand-in did).  Plus, added pictures of others that couldn't be in the... documentary.

That's about it for now.  I am planning the (story) sequel and all the other stories in the other timelines, that have characters that are in this film. 

Need to get it all done before 12/21/12, as I DO BELIEVE it will all end.  Needs to, things have gotten worse....

Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 12:06 AM EST
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Monday, 19 October 2009
Mood:  lazy

Yeah, words, words, words!  November is still on!  I know I will get the people I want when I get there (as they have no choice).  It's the 3rd sequel to The GoG trilogy, and as I'm still waiting on the original tapes of the 1st film to be sent to me (for bits and pieces I can't do anymore), the DVD of all 3 films will be released before 2012!!!  Yeah, focusing on next year, but before the end!  Yeah.

Tomorrow, I have the day off (as I have 2 hours before work today, but still), and I WILL be writing the basic lines for those in Central FL!

Waiting to plan times with those in Central GA (3 to be precise), HOPEFULLY 3 in Atlanta (1 I know for sure), and after watching it all on tape (times of the scenes), then giving my producer a heart attack when he sees the mess and disorganization I created!!!!  It's amazing I have an outline (that needs re-typing) at all!  All the scenes are in my head, who did "portray" the characters, who I want to portray the characters... (he's Krypto, the Super Dog!  Oops, it's on in the background.  I liked that cartoon.  Should have gotten Streaky when they were toys.  I can impersonate his voice).  Where was I?

Filming at such places (some again) as: Byron Park, Andersonville War Prison Museum, Lake Eola, Lake Mary Cemetery, Lakeland Park (don't know specific names now), somewhere in Atlanta (sneak into a hotel or parking garage), old TARDIS control room even!

Nothing spectacular, low budget, Video 8 camcorder (if the second one works, even better), as I just want something to show (besides my cameos on Solid Ground), and my stories (that I've been slacking on, but now that I'm having problems with Mafia Wars not letting me click on jobs, and the fact I need a new job, but that's after I come back, or even... consider going back to (nightmare) school, but got that zombie story on THE BRAIN, which if things go the way I want now, then it would be a "tie-in" to the film, as another story I need to write...), but it is the only important thing (besides my writing and re-writing) that I have to show (as I really need to find more DW info for my newsgroup, and post since I am moderator).

I have a dream, and it's to make 1 decent DW fan film (showing what I tried to do with the 1st two), with as many cameos I can, for a simple story of what could happen if you just believe!

Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 1:33 PM EDT
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Saturday, 11 July 2009
New DW covers, again!
Mood:  sharp
I do have plans for one "movie" cover to be created, but, I did go back and change 2 people that "portray" two other characters, figured out who else would play the part of Cassie from the film (though I can't get her to play the part; still hoping she'll film another scene someday), she portrays the character, and it works with what I have planned.

The other two, well, they ARE in the film, but, their characters are different. It's the way I think. It works, though I did ask my producer how would his other character be like (just because I want him to relish it), but I do have to work on all the characters, get the filming done, all 3 films finished, continue writing, and of course, try and be happy....

Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 1:40 AM EDT
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Thursday, 18 June 2009
Outline... TYPED!!!!
Mood:  cheeky

Yeah, I had the outline written for my DW film (over and over again), but, it's finally TYPED!  This will then lead to writing the ACTUAL SCRIPT!

Besides the photos that are all over the place (as I put them there), here is the breakdown of what characters I plan to use (SPOILERS!!!!!!)

My versions of:

The Doctor

The Valeyard

The Master


Meddling Monk

and hopefully...

The Rani!!

If I can get yet another friend, it would be nice, since she portrays another character, based on another fan video, with a familiar British actress (sweetie darling!), but, my friend is in the story sequel anyway, as well as another... TORCHWOOD!!!

Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 4:56 PM EDT
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Sunday, 31 May 2009
What a day!
Mood:  happy

I had to work in the morning, and hated every moment.  Went home really fast to change my clothes, get the cameras and stuff, and saw Ryan McCarty at Pizza Hut (Agent Rumble) as planned.  On the way, I got a call from Charlie Pierce (Randall) saying he was going to stop home and pick up a black jacket to "fit in" with the rest of the TORCHWOOD members (as we all were wearing a black coat/jacket.

5 min turned to... 30 or more, and Ryan spent $2.13 on a small drink at Pizza Hut!  Holey crap!

 Charlie and his girl came, and we went to The Byron Prison Park (yeah, there is an old prison across from the park), were there is the GAZEBO!  Filmed sooo many times there, but this time, this is it.

 Yes, afterwards I thought about the close-up shots I forgot about, but we spent about 2 HOURS for just 2 scenes lasting under 1 min each (1 before the intro, and the one after the final credits)!  Got both cameras rolling, but the other camera's battery almost died, and can't get the replacement.  Did some other shots (while avoiding wasps and giant funky bugs, as well as the heat, the sun, and some breeze (which was goooood).

I was sooo tired, I didn't feel like adding another character to this scene.  I know where I'll add this character in at least 2 other scenes though.

Afterwards, back to Pizza Hut, got the Panormous (pepperoni) Pizza (worth it for 4 people), talked about how hard it is to find work, and was tempted to take a picture of Ryan eating the pizza, but he gave me that look (took the shot of him getting the first drink of sweet tea; it was freakin' hot outside, so tiring, but the scene is done)!

I'll have an older scene pieced in with this new one, planning the trip to Chattanooga on Friday, Rock City on Saturday, then one more quick cameo for another friend that I will create another character for him (and in the story sequel).  Thinking making him a CIA agent, since I have 2 FBI agents.

 Another blog after I come back from TN and N GA!!!!

Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 10:05 PM EDT
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Sunday, 26 April 2009
Need a female TORCHWOOD member!
Mood:  irritated

Need a woman to portray a TORCHWOOD member in my DW film! If you're at Dragon*Con '09 or in Orlando next year, I need you!!

The one I chose (again) is no longer working with me, and I sincerely doubt will contact me.  Hell, I have a hard enough time getting people I worked with on the TV show, Solid Ground, to reprise their characters in the film again!

I thought it was interesting when she called me Tom the last time I saw her.  Should have guessed it was good-bye.  May her a-hole, drunken bastard of a husband burn in hell for what he did to her.

Anyway, going again with "3rd times a charm", and hoping to find that right somebody to just film a short scene with (detailed more in the novelization).

STILL hoping to film with some others and receive footage from another!

Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 12:19 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 26 April 2009 12:28 AM EDT
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Sunday, 29 March 2009
Disappointing day
Mood:  crushed out

I thought I was gonna film today, BUT, there was a FRICKIN' wind advisory today, and it was 15-25 mph winds goin' on!  My one friend from the TV show showed up (not the other).  Soooo, couldn't film basically 'cause it was just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too windy, and it would have been nice to film the larger scene, but, another time.  I hope.

Bought some new black slacks for my outfit.  For some reason, my black slacks weren't "black" when I got outside, but DID turn black as we walked around outside, then into the stores. So weird!!! 

Posted by reverend-amagon-blog at 11:31 PM EDT
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