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Tribute to my late director

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In memory of Paul M. Wegman (1944-2004)

I wanted to pay tribute to the one person who truly & honestly believed in my skills and ability to be an actor, and I failed him.  Paul Wegman (also known as Miss P of Parlament House), was an amazing person, phenomenal actor & director of the theatre, and someone who died well before his time.
I wrote a poem which was also published:

 Goodbye, Miss P.

To Paul Wegman: farewell my director.

I know you will never read this,
but there is something I have to say.
I know you once believed in me,
yet, I failed at being something special.

I thought about you the other night,
wondering how you were after 10 years.
Now to find out that you passed away,
I can't tell you how distraught I've become.

You accomplished an abundance in your life.
You have lived your life on the stage
from playing Scrooge, to The Elephant Man,
to THE drag queen at Parliment House.

Now, play on as King Lear on Heaven's stage.
One day I hope to see you perform again,
and you will direct me once more.

Here are some webpages that talked about him:

I know he's looking down upon me still upset, but of the heroes I've lost (Patrick Troughton, Jim Henson, some others), he knew me, believed in me, and yet I still have not proven myself at all.  I'm sorry, Paul.  I screwed up again....

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