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The Valeyard's Strike File

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Analysis of characters from Identity Crisis!
This was originally set up as an expanded, online, exclusive look into The Valeyard's files on the characters he dealt with in or leading up to Identity Crisis....

Identity Crisis... and beyond! (Photo Gallery)


The Valeyard:  With the aid of The Rani and the bounty hunter, I have sworn to capture The Doctors and their companions. It is unknown yet, by either of my associates, of what I truly have in store for all of them....
The Mysterious Doctor:  Not much is know about this "future" Doctor, other than his claim of being The Lord President of the High Council of Gallifrey. He states he left Gallifrey to go and find his previous self. His personality is somewhat darker than any other Doctor....  (Another sighting of The Lord President is in Double Jeopardy.)  {Rev. Dr. Tom Kosak} (creator, writer, producer, director, screen writer, camera operator, star, voice-over artist, etc.)
The New Doctor:  This Doctor just regenerated from a near fatal accident. His mind is currently unstable, and he's having hallucinations showing him capturing his past companions. My plan is working perfectly.... {Roger Boyes}:
The Rani:  This evil Time Lady is a cunning woman who will get anything she wants, and what she wants the most, is The Doctor. She went as far as regenerating to appear like a former companion of his, Audrey. Little does she know, I have her under my control.... {Farley Phillips}
Bounty Hunter:  It is unknown who really he is, or what his intentions truly are. I don't trust him one bit, yet he is working on my plan without questions. I still believe he's a double agent. However, he is still of some use to me, for now.... (Another sighting of the bounty hunter is in Double Jeopardy.)  *Note: In DJ, he and the CIA agent, Dek, are two different people.) {John Kinney}
Jimmy Lucci:  this "shock jock" radio announcer met The future Doctor at one point in time, and continues to ridicule him for loosing out on fame and fortune. He needs to know when to stop talking, soon.... {James Cadman}


Audrey:  A companion to both of the previous Doctors briefly at different times. She left as she wanted to live in a simpler lifestyle. She is currently working as a librarian at a university. Little does she know what I have store for her....  {Farley Phillips AKA Bunny}
Betsy:  This psychic comes from the village of Amagon, where her own people ousted her, because of her special gifts.  To her, it was more of a curse, as the evil Lord Amagon used her to foresee the future....  {Julia Langston}:
CIA Agent:  It was this senior agent of the Celestial Intervention Agency that sent the future Doctor on the mission to Mars*, then the current Doctor on a mission to the land of Amagon**.  I've never trusted the CIA. With the death of the other agent***, he better watch his back as well....

* See: The Reptilian Factor
** See: Identity Crisis
*** See: Double Jeopardy - Agent Dek 

(The CIA agent is NOT The Master, though the resemblance is uncanny. Arthur does play The Master in Double Jeopardy, and is also in future stories of mine. {Arthur Dykeman}
K-9:  A loyal companion to The Doctor.  Not of any importance to me at this time, but he had to be taught a lesson....  (K-9 was upgraded along with the TARDIS console)  {voice of K-9: Tom Kosak}
The 1st Doctor:  The Doctor has battled such foes as Cybermen, DALEKS, Autons, and so forth over time. Yet, he is feeling distressed that he is not the savior he thought he once was, and will he figure out in time who his enemy truly is....  (Other sightings of The 1st Doctor are in The New Order & Double Jeopardy.)  {Charles Martin}:

The 2nd Doctor:  This Doctor is as much of a pain in the neck as his predecessor was. He acts as if he's a secret agent while going on missions for The Time Lords. His fate will soon be sealed, again....  (Another sighting of The 2nd Doctor is in Double Jeopardy.)  {Mike Mills}


Tiffany:  She was the new Scientific Advisor of UNIT, and The 2nd Doctor's newst companion.  He was able to save her, but not her family, from the invading force of Sea Devils and Silurians.  Her fate was not what I wanted.  I have to make sure it is changed...  {Lisa Stevenson}
Zina: A DALEK resistance fighter from an unknown time. She was easily fooled to believe the bounty hunter's lies about The Doctor, and swore he was Dek*.  However, she did cause trouble for The Rani and myself. She also knows what I look like. She will pay the price for her knowledge....  (* See: Double Jeopardy{Amber Campbell} [Still no picture YET!]

Zager:  A half converted Cyberman who was rescued by the future Doctor*, yet was later to be completely converted over by a small fleet of Cybermen**. Traveling through time to the U.S. in the late 20th century, he tried to bring about world domination***, only to be destroyed by The 1st Doctor....

* See: The Reptilan Factor
** See: Bitter Revelations
*** See: The New Order

{Originally played by James Sunshine in The New Order}

Evan:  This "Anime guru" joined The 2nd Doctor soon after Harvey (Herby Regan) decided to return to the 1930's. Evan did returned to college after only a few adventures. He became a good friend to Zager, though I considered him somewhat of a pest, similar to other people I knew of named Adric & Adam.... 
("Evan" has a cameo apperance in the university atrium scene with "Betsy" and "Roxana", AND teams up with Zager in the short story, First Encounters.)  {Ben Metrin}
Phina:  Daughter of Jo Grant and Professor Jones, who are currently searching for fungi down the Amazon. A precocious young girl who knows how to get herself into trouble. Be careful, child, trouble will find you soon enough.... (* See: Double Jeopardy{Sandy Luebbe}
Peace:  She was a companion of The 1st Doctor for quite a while*. Yet after dealing with the lone Cyberman, monsters, and other villians, she returned to her own time in the late '60s.  Unfortunately, she will no longer enjoy her time of peace and love....  (* See: The New Order{Denise Resko}


Roxana:  Librarian & friend to Betsy, Evan, & Audrey.  Neither is she of any importance to my plans at this time.... {Margo Ryder} 

("Roxana" does appear earlier in the library scene, with "Betsy" and "Evan" in the university atrium scene, AND is in the short story, "First Encounters", which takes place between the atrium and library scene!)
Maria:  A name that haunts me.  She was an innocent who was lost.  One day I shall bring her back....  {Brandi Voltz} 
Reptilions:  It was that blasted agent that sent me to Mars to rescue them and the humans.  Though Zager was a worthly companion, the results of his life appaul me, and finding out they were really....  Nevermind.  Their adult stage forms will cause problems for everyone.  Why should I care anymore.... 
Silurians:  They and their aquatic cousins, The Sea Devils, were the ones that destroyed the lives of all those people, especially Tiffany's.  I could have done something, if I wanted to.  My predecessors didn't want to or whatever the reason was.  If they cause me any more regret, I will destroy them all! 
Doppelgangers:  When I sent the bounty hunter to search for the ancient Gallifreyans, he somehow crossed into a parallel time, where in turn, our universe was purely fictional.  The "alternate" Lord President, who turned out to be only human, acted as if the bounty hunter was someone he knew, and the "Guardians of Gallifrey" were a fan club.  It is true there are people who do resemble each other, yet are not necessarily clones, just merely a coincidence*.  (* See ALL the Doctor Who films we have done)
A Conundrum:  *After the "situation" that occurred, I was then involved in an "accident" which actually saved me, yet began to change my physical & mental being as well. I feel as if my words and my actions are no longer my own....
(*At the end of the story... something happens... and The Valeyard is possessed by another evil Time Lord. It is a struggle between the two to see who will win....)

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