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Lord Amagon's Doctor Who stories

Ideas, notes, et cetera!

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Just noting what I'm doing so far....

I am ALWAYS looking for new companions for the stories.  I have room for anyone who wants to be in them.
4/28/10:  I haven't "migrated" into the new version of whatever Tripod has to offer, as I'm waiting for higher speed internet to choose what I want, which would be this simple form.  I added a new character name to the profiles with more details of this character.  Feel the groove comin' on for re-writing Harsh Resolutions!
4/19/10:  YES!  Filming is done!!!  Filmed the desk scenes on Saturday (took a while), and today filmed the 1st scene (which was the last scene filmed), and it sets off the film (special thanks to my TV sister's husband)!  Got to add his picture to the albums this week.  Next, transfer footage to disc, and then.... 
4/17/10:  Yeah, it's been a while!  With my original version changed to be a paysite to Tripod, I was reluctant to do anything.  I'm made some minor changes, some filming, haven't moved back to FL yet, but, until I get the film done, I'm done with the site for now (minor tweeks as usual)!
Old notes: Re-thinking some ideas (Glass Walls, Cyber Factions, Civil Liberties, Meeting The Teletubbies (just a minor changes), minor changes in Identity Crisis (both novella & narration in the film), and if I can get someone for Echoes & Reflections).  I need to start writing again!
* Revised entry on one of my story ideas, as The Time Lords want ALL vampires destroyed, by my Doctor doesn't want to kill a former companion!
* Also, re-thought (AGAIN) about Time Infractions.  Instead of... 10 short stories (which was hard for me to think of), I decided 7.  Well, there is a prologue, epilogue, maybe an 8th chapter, but 7 is the magic number, i.e.: 7 Doctors!!!!  The Valeyard is not included in the number, even though he took on the title in the old timeline).  He is the bad guy!  I will hint that all versions of The Valeyard (2), The Master (2), and The Rani (5; including the alt. universe 2nd Rani)!!!!  Other monsters/villains will be involved as well (here and there)....
Finally figured out how The 7th Dr (Sylvester McCoy) regenerates into Charles' Dr (also The Master), and I have combined two story ideas (old timeline), and eliminated another (new timeline).  I also fixed the covers again (2 more to go!).
* You know, every time I have an idea, it's used by someone else.  Latest example, Turn Left.  Not the same, but I had the idea that when I re-write a story I'm planning to write (i.e. Glass Walls; see old post below), is that The 2nd GoG Dr turns right instead of left, and meets another companion, YET, the story basically stays the same, they go off to the same place (which is the part I have to re-write), and things go for the worse!
I need to take aspects from various DW stories now, and add them to my stories (similar, yet different).  After all, I am using different Doctors, so their methods are... different.
*  I was thinking of using the crystal skulls idea through various stories, but also pondering just using it in one story (with 13 different stories).  Just some random thoughts.  Then again, I finally figured out where it all begins, how it continues, and in a couple of other places too.
* I know a little more about a future story, Queen of Anarchy, as it is now set in... the lost city of Atlantis!  Not going into any more details than that.
* Need a 7th Dr's pullover?  There is someone I know that is placing an order, and each pullover will be around... $90 each!  Contact him if you want one at:
* My separate new film page is gone!  I decided to utlilize my blogs and create a new one:

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