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Lord Amagon's Doctor Who stories

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Welcome to my world, can I help you?
This is THE website showing my Doctor Who story ideas based on the first two films from The Guardians of Gallifrey.  Enjoy!
As you can see below, the outline shows both the first & second timelines, and noted if set in an alternate universe/timeline.  ALL my stories are posted here!
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First Timeline
Second Timeline
Glass Walls
Shattered Faith
Prelude... to a Crisis!
Yin & Yang 
Queen of Anarchy
Violets & Darkness
Portrait of Doubt
Zen & Tao
Return to Gallifrey
Justifying The Means
The Two Masters
Variations on a Theme
Reichenbach Falls
The Knights of Yore
Continuous Sequences /
Alternative Consequences
Nexus of Reflections
Epilogue of Changes

Denotes Alternate Universe/Timeline!

Well, I STILL just have to update the profiles and create new summaries, as I deleted them.  I still have to go back into the old stories and "tweek" them up a bit.  No major changes (this time, I mean it), but more clarifications.  I will check on the DW links later as well.  Everything that is underlined, IS A LINK!

So, again I thank you for stopping by, all my sites are always under contruction, and I hope you will click on "links" to view other sites (especially mine!).

Custom Doctor Who photo covers gallery!

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All rights to Dr Who names and characters are copyrighted to the BBC and so forth.  These pictures & stories are not for sale, as they are for personal use only & to be enjoyed by all!  Characters of The GoG, Roger Boyes, various others, and myself are all copyrighted as well.  Copyright 2005-2010.  Reverend-Amagon-Blog.