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Lord Amagon's Doctor Who stories

TORCHWOOD... declassified!

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This page will cover the characters seen/told of in Echoes & Reflections (similar to The Valeyard's Strike File).

The information you are looking for is still classified by TORCHWOOD!  You are not permitted to access any information at this time!  Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!!!
However, I decided I will list the names (this also includes those only in the novelization (*) and the story sequel (**)):
Doctor Michael Amagon: Operations (Tom Kosak)
Rosanna: Intelligence (Leslie Morales)**
Cassandra Poe: Forensics  (Cassidi Cochren)
Henry Augustus: Computer Investigations (Thomas Gilleland)
John Godot: Security/Weapons Specialist (William Grammer)
Randall Johnson: Survellance (Charlie Pierce Jr.)
Rosanna Morrow: Public Affairs (Leslie Morales)
Anna: Intelligence (Angie Duplis)
???: Special Ops (???)
Prof. Hugh Perry: Forensics (Chris Watts)
Mitchell Goodwin: Reconnaissance (Liam Kemp)
Tiffany: Special UNIT Liaison/Scientific Advisor (Lisa Stevenson)
Bounty Hunter (John Kinney)
CIA Agent Forsyth (James Fry)**
Celestial Invervention Agency Agent (???)**
Dexter {extra} (Dez)
The Doctor (Tom Kosak)**
10th Dr {Parallel Universe} (???)** 
Alt. Universe Dr (Roger Boyes)*
Evan (Ben Clifford)*
FBI Supervisor (Anthony Harris)**
FBI Agent Rumble (Ryan McCarty)**
FBI Agent Smarr (Aaron Killian)**
Howard (Evan Clifford)*
Hyacinth (Heather Kime)**
Jimmy Lucci (James Cadman)
K-9 (voice of Tom Kosak)**
Lilth (De O-Brien)*
Malcolm Jolly (Shane Ramey)
Master (Arthur Dykeman)
Master II (???)**
Meddling Monk (???)**
Moonlady (Lucifer)
Rani (Nicola Davies)*
Rani II (???)**
Ria Gray (Brandi Voltz)
Starfire {extra} (Kelly Grammer)
Valeyard (???)
Valeyard II (???)**
Willie {extra} (David Voltz)
Zager (James Sunshine)*

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