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Lord Amagon's Doctor Who stories

Time Infractions

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Differences in Opinions...

No longer the story uses the "Causality Loop" (although none of The Doctors remember what has happened, maybe).  I finally figured out what the story is about, and it now deals with 7 Doctors in 7 solo situations, with various characters involved!
A former War Lord named Count Clockwise is the main cause behind everything, as to bring about death, terror, and despair to The Doctors.  Each Doctor (from the old, new (female Drs. from parallel universe), and the 3rd timelines) has to deal with the consequences....  

The Doctors
1st Timeline:
a) 1st Doctor - Charles Martin
b) 2nd Doctor - Mike Mills
c) 3rd Doctor - Roger Boyes
d) 3rd Paradox Doctor - William Grammer
2nd Timeline:
e) Alt Univ 1st female Dr - Angie Duplis
f) Alt Univ 2nd female Dr - Nicola Bryant
3rd Timeline:
g) 3rd Doctor - Tom Kosak

Story Links
(The stories that Time Infractions "fits in" with):
a) Reichenbach Falls (before)
b) Land of Amagon (before)
c) Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (before)
d) Zen & Tao (after)
e) Civil Liberties (before)
f) Yin & Yang (after)
g) Mission - Find The Doctor: Dead or Alive (after)

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