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Lord Amagon's Doctor Who stories

Character Profiles

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List of the characters, what stories their in, who originally portrayed the character, some info about them (character types for Time Lords), & the time period of the stories (if applicable).  There are still more characters to come, as I have to include the alternate universes as well, and newer details on revised characters....
Names underlined are links to their webpage.

Key: Standard, 1st Timeline2nd Timeline, Lost in Time Series, Additional Notes

1st Doctor (Sherlock Holmes-type): The New Order (1993). Double Jeopardy (1996).  Bitter Revelations (2104), Identity Crisis (2005).  Reichenbach Falls (1891) - regeneratesKnights of Yore (n/a).  Dr. eventually becomes Merlin.  Alternate Responses, Time Infractions, Who is... Doctor Omega?, Who is... The Doctor?  {Charles Martin}

1st female Doctor {Alt Universe} (GI Joe Scarlet-type): Prelude... to a Crisis!, Civil Liberties, Time Infractions, Valeyard's Revenge, Who is... The Doctor?  Agent of The Celestial Intervention Agency. [SPOILER! - She is NOT a clone!  That was my original intent, but, clones cannot regenerate!  She is... (The Doctor? Companion? Watcher?); see 2nd timeline situation] {portrayed by Angela Duplis}

1st Master (Prof. Moriarty-type, intellectual): Double Jeopardy (1996), Carbon Nations, Reichenbach Falls (1891), The Two Masters - Unknown whereaboutsContinuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]Deadly Visions, Harsh Resolutions, Foreshadows, Echoes and Reflections, Time Infractions. {Arthur Dykeman}


1st Rani (Cleopatra-type): Carbon Nations, Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality].  Character Analysis, Deadly Visions, Queen of Anarchy, Umbra, Civil Liberties, Repeat Performances, Echoes and Reflections, Time Infractions{Nicky Davies}


2nd Doctor (James Bond-type): Double Jeopardy (1996).  Glass Walls.  Identity Crisis (2005) - regenerates.  Return to Gallifrey (mentioned).  Shattered Faith (2004), Portrait of Doubt, Time Infractions {Mike Mills}


2nd female Doctor {Alt Universe} (assassin, then Tomb Raider-type) Prelude... to a Crisis! - Yin & Yang, Umbra, Shadows of The Valeyard, Takin' Care of Business, Time Infractions, Who is... The Doctor? {portrayed by Nicola Bryant}


2nd Master (Goth; Dracula-type): Justifying the Means, Variations on a Theme, Umbra.  Evan wanted his Master to be more of a vampire, so....  Time Infractions, Foreshadows, Alternate Responses {Designed for/by/with Evan Clifford}


2nd Rani (looks like Audrey; X-Men's White Queen-type): Carbon NationsIdentity Crisis (2005), Repeat Performances, Time Infractions. {Farley Phillips}


2nd Rani {Alt Universe} (dominatrix, Countess Dracula-type): Prelude... to a Crisis! - Yin & Yang, Time Infractions. {portrayed by Stacey Lynn}


3rd Doctor (Highlander-type): Identity Crisis (2005) - Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]Is wearing The Valeyard’s ring; very sinister!  Who is... The Doctor?, Time Infractions. {Roger Boyes}


3rd Doctor (Time paradox version: Indiana Jones-type): Zen & Tao (2007).  [SPOILER! - Kraut regains his memory, and travels off as The 3rd Dr whom is the successor of Cold.  Time Infractions. {portrayed by William Grammer}


3rd Doctor (DC Comics' The Question-type): A Thought of the End (2015), Umbra, Echoes and Reflections, Mission: Find The Doctor - Dead or Alive, Time Infractions. {Tom Kosak}


3rd Rani (witch): Identity Crisis (2005) [SPOILER! - see Lilth]{portrayed by De O'brien}


4th Rani (Phoenix-type): Zen & Tao (2007), Time Infractions[SPOILER! - see Persephone]  {portrayed by Leslie Morales}


Alura: Glass Walls, Nexus of Reflections.  Ruler over a land of irate followers, she was saved by The 2nd Doctor as her people tried to take control (possibly the land that became known as Amagon; working on it)!  {portrayed by Suzanne Kosak}


Anna: Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]Scentific advisor for UNIT; companion to Doctor.  A Thought of the End (2015) Deadly Visions. Mission: Find The Doctor - Dead or Alive (Time Lady? Time Agent?) {portrayed by Angela Duplis}


Audrey: Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (various), origin story.  Identity Crisis (2005).  Current companion to 3rd Doctor.  Librarian.  Was originally... (Still thinking of who she is with.  I'm still making changes)  Alternative Consequences (2007) [Story set in an alternate reality]. Time Infractions. {Farley Phillips}


Betsy: Land of Amagon (1205) Identity Crisis (1205, 2005).  Has psychic powers.  Betsy comes from the village of Amagon, where her own people ousted her, because of her special gifts.  To her, it was more of a curse, as the evil Lord Amagon used her to foresee the future....  Zen & TaoContinuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality], Echoes and Reflections, Alternate Responses.  {Julia Langston}


Black Guardian: Time’s End, Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality].  


Bounty Hunter:  Double Jeopardy (1996), First Encounters (1989, N/A), Identity Crisis (2005).  Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]Current whereabouts: unknown.  Shattered Faith, Harsh Resolutions, Umbra. Repeat Performances, Alternate Responses, Opposite Altercations, Echoes and Reflections, Time Infractions, The Bounty Hunter Archives {John Kinney}


CIA [Celestial Intervention Agency] / Dek: Double Jeopardy (1996).  Used TARDIS magnet to bring in Drs and almost The Master.  Died/killed.  {John Kinney}


CIA [Celestial Intervention Agency] / Agent (no name given): Bitter Revelations, Land of Amagon, Identity Crisis.  Sends The Dr(s) on various missions.  {portrayed by Ed Mitchell} 


CIA [Celestial Intervention Agency] / Senior agent (no name given): The Reptilian Factor (2525), Identity Crisis (2005), The Two Masters (N/A).  Senior Agent who sent V/Dr on missions.  {Arthur Dykeman}


Cold: Land of Amagon.  Ol' King Cold was the self-proclaimed ruler of Amagon.  He was a frail old man that wore a mask to breathe and more so to hide his appearance, even from himself.  His companion was Lilith. [SPOILER! - Cold has no idea who he really is, as Lilith erased his memory!  designated for... Mike Mills]


Cyberleader: The Reptilian Factor (2525).  Evil Earth colonist becomes self-proclaimed leader of that Cyber faction on Mars.  Bitter Revelations (2014).


Cybermen: Double Jeopardy (1996), The Reptilian Factor (2525).  See also Cyberleader & Zager.  Bitter Revelations.


Daleks & Davros: The Reptilian Factor, Variations on a Theme.


Doppelgangers: (SEE ALL FAN MADE VIDEOS!)  It is true there are people who do resemble each other, yet are not necessarily clones, just merely a coincidence!

Evan: First Encounters (2005, 1989, N/A) - Carbon Nations, Identity Crisis (2005).  Companion to 2nd Dr for a few adventures, before returning to college.  Evan joined The 2nd Doctor soon after Harvey (Double Jeopardy) decided to return to the 1930's. Evan did return to college after only a few adventures. He was a good friend to Zager.  When he joined the (my) Dr, well, something happens to him....  Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]:  UNIT lab assistant to Doctor.  Parallel Occurances - Nexus of Reflections, Time Infractions.  Primarily the same character as in the old timeline {Ben Metrin}


Eve: Shattered Faith, Character Analysis, Deadly Visions, Nexus of ReflectionsFormer model & companion to 2nd Dr. then the 3rd.  She left with K-9 after finding out what he had become. Time Infractions. {portrayed by Stacey Lynn}


Gwen: Double Jeopardy (1996), Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality].  Now a senator in Washington, D.C.  Alternate Responses. {Christina Gilardi}


Harvey: Double Jeopardy (1996).  Harvey leaves sometime after to his own time (not documented). Character Analysis (mentioned only), Alternate Responses. {Herby Ragan}


Howard: A Thought of the End (2015) – Harsh Resolutions (2000).  Scientist.  Tries to save people in 2005 from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  Echoes and Reflections (mentioned) {portrayed by Evan Clifford}


Hyacinth: Bitter RevelationsJoined The 1st Doctor on a mission for The CIA, along with her cat, Moon Lady.  Echoes and Reflections {Heather Kime}


Jimmy Lucci: Monkey Business (1999), Identity Crisis (2005).  Drummer, shock jock.  Ridicules the V/Dr. for loosing out on fame and fortune.  Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]: TV morning show host.  {James Cadman}


K-9: Double Jeopardy (1996), Bitter Revelations, Identity Crisis (2005), Operatic Phantasms, Return to Gallifrey, Epilogue of Changes.  Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality], Character Analysis, Nexus of Reflections.  Stays with Eve on Earth. Alternate Responses, Meeting The Teletubbies, Echoes and Reflections, Time Infractions.  {Voiced by Tom Kosak in Identity Crisis}


Lilith (witch): Land of Amagon.  Demon companion to Ol' King Cold.  [SPOILER! - She is the 3rd Rani]. Harsh Resolutions (Rival psychic; not certain if she is The Rani in the 2nd timeline) Echoes and Reflections, Time Infractions. {portrayed by De O'Brien}


Lady Larna: Character Analysis, Deadly Visions. Friend to The Doctor.  {Character by Jean LeZotte}


Lord President: Return to Gallifrey (N/A).  {portrayed by Tom Kosak}


Malcolm Jolly: Bitter Revelations (1970s).  Crime lord in the Orlando area.  Defeated by The Doctor.  Echoes and Reflections (portrayed by Shane Ramey).


Maria/Ria: Enter The Valeyard, Operatic Phantasms, Monkey Business, Alternate Responses (mentioned), Portrait of Doubt, Echoes and Reflections.  Daughter of Christine & Raoul (Phantom of the Opera).  She was the last wife of Dorian Gray, was a companion to The Doctor (Mike Mills), and became a popular science fiction writer.  {portrayed by Brandi Voltz}


Meddling Monk:  Renegade Time Lord who is playing a deadly game with The Doctors!  Umbra, Echoes & Reflections, Mission: Find The Doctor, Time Infractions. 


Patience: Nexus of Reflections, Time Infractions.


Peace: The New Order (1993), Identity Crisis (1969, N/A).  Companion to 1st Doctor.  Picked-up then brought back to Woodstock, 1969.  {Denise Resko} 


Persephone: Zen & Tao.  Companion to Dr Peter Kraus. [SPOILER! - She is the 4th Rani]. Time Infractions. {portrayed by Leslie Morales}


Peter Kraut (Negru Voda): Zen & TaoA doctor who is currently working in the land of Amagon with his companion, Persephone. Time Infractions.  (portrayed by William Grammer)


The Phantom of the Opera: Enter The Valeyard (1898). Operatic Phantasms (1898).


Phina: Double Jeopardy (1996), Identity Crisis (2005).   Companion to 1st Doctor.  13/14-year old genius.  Phina is the daughter of Jo Grant and Professor Jones, who are currently searching for fungi down the Amazon. A precocious young girl who knows how to get herself into trouble. Time Infractions. {Sandy Luebbe}


Reptilions / Ice Warriors: The Reptilian Factor (2525).  Reptilions are the early stage of the Ice Warriors.  The leader of the Reptilions (Galen) is all white, while the others are green.  Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]Ice Warriors invoke new Ice Age with help from Sea Devils & Silurians.  Time Infractions.


Romana/Lady President: Epliogue of Changes, Character Analysis, Deadly Visions, Umbra {portrayed by Jean LeZotte}


Roxana: Identity Crisis (2005).  Librarian, friend to Audrey, Betsy, & Evan.  Alternate Responses. {Margo Ryder}


Sam: Prelude... to a Crisis! (mentioned only), Violets and Darkness, Civil Liberties, The Valeyard's Revenge, Mission: Find The Doctor - Dead or Alive (Time Agent?), Time Infractions.  Soldier; companion to 1st female Doctor. {portrayed by Chris Duplis}


Sea Devils / Silurians: Glass Walls. Used weather machine to cause problems in 2004.  Identity Crisis (2005), mentioned only.  Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]: they try to help Ice Warriors.  Shattered Faith (2004), A Thought of the End (2015) mentioned only.  Time Infractions.


Sontarans: Monkey Business: They try to destroy The Doctor & Maria; Jimmy Lucci’s band gig is ruined.  Character Analysis (mentioned only).


Tiffany: Glass Walls, Identity Crisis, Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences. Companion to 2nd Doctor.  Works for UNIT as scientific advisor.  The 2nd Doctor saved her long ago, when her family and friends were lost by the result of The Silurian/Sea Devil weather machine.  Mission: Find The Doctor - Dead or Alive.  Now a member of the new TORCHWOOD.  Re-thinking more for her later! {portrayed by Lisa Stevenson}


Time Lords: Double Jeopardy (1996), Character Analysis, A Thought of the End (2015): [CIA agents], Deadly Visions.


UNIT: Glass Walls, Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality], Shattered Faith, Character Anaylsis (mentioned only).


Valeyard (Magneto Type):  Double Jeopardy (1996), Enter The Valeyard (1898) – Bitter Revelations (N/A); Epilogue of Changes.  Valeyard created in Alt. Universe by The Rani.  Believed he was from GoG universe.  Resembled LP of Gallifrey of this universe, and stated so to The 3rd Doctor in IC.  AKA Jack the Ripper.  Worked for CIA for short time under Doctor title.  Turned back to devious self in Land of Amagon to Identity Crisis (2005). Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]: Scientific Advisor for UNIT??  Self-imposed exile to Earth, as Faction Paradox destroyed Gallifrey??  Possibly locked in a sanitorium by The Master?? {portrayed by Tom Kosak}


Valeyard / Master: Identity Crisis (2005) – Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality].  The Master's possession of The Valeyard has taken more of an affect, as The Valeyard looses control.  {Tom Kosak}


Valeyard (Alternate Universe): Prelude to... a Crisis! - Ying & Yang, Shadows of The Valeyard, Time Infractions. (same as 1st Timeline Valeyard)  {Tom Kosak} 


White Guardian: Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality], Epilogue of Changes.


Zager: The Reptilian Factor (2525) – Bitter Revelations (2014); The New Order* (1993).  Half – Cyberman, engineer.    [SPOILER!  *In TNO, he was a just full Cyberman with no background or distinction.  Rescued by the V/Doctor, yet was later completely converted over by a small fleet of Cybermen. Traveling through time to the U.S. in the late 20th century, he tried to bring about world domination, only to be destroyed by The 1st Doctor....]  Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]: 1st soldier to get Cybernetic implants.  Violets & Darkness – Nexus of Reflections.  Different situation; still leading to TNOA Chance Encounter, Alternate Responses (mentioned), Time Infractions. {James Sunshine}


Zaida: Harsh Resolutions: Young psychic in New Orleans that helps The Doctor and Howard against an old foe. Foreshadows: Alt. story where a strange man asks her for a special reading about himself.


Zina: Double Jeopardy (1996), Identity Crisis (N/A).  Companion to 2nd Doctor.  Dalek resistance hunter from the future.  Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences (2007): [Story set in an alternate reality]: Captain/leader of UNIT. {Amber Campbell}

Other characters:  (Work in Progress!)


2nd (BBC) Doctor: A Chance Encounter {Patrick Troughton}


Abslom Daak: In the Shadow of The Valeyard


Austin Powers: Live & Let's Shag!  {Mike Myers}


Dr. Evil: Live & Let's Shag!  {Mike Myers}


Doctor Omega: Who is... Doctor Omega?


Fat Bastard: Live & Let's Shag!  {Mike Myers}


Jamie: A Chance Encounter {Frasier Hines}

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