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Uber Timeline Details!!

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The ultimate list of what happened between Umbra & Echoes and Reflections!

* The Time War with The Daleks began in Umbra.
* Count Clockwise (War Lord) informs The Time Lords of what is happening, and The 3rd Dr involuntarily agrees to fight against The Daleks, as to leave this trial, which would just erase him from his timeline, and probably start over again.  Sadly, he is killed.
* The High Council pulls The 1st Dr from a certain point in time to fight in The Time War.
* As the war goes on, Gallifrey is destroyed.
* The Doctor eventually wins the war, but at what cost?  He then regenerates.
* Clockwise decides to bring back Gallifrey in a different way.  He alters and combines this universe with a parallel universe (not the one that The Doctor went to and met The Valeyard in "Prelude" or "Y&Y"), but one basically/exactly like The "BBC" universe, except....
* The 1st GoG Dr is now The new 8th Dr!  The 7th Dr (Slyvester McCoy) regenerates.. somewhere.  I don't know where yet.  Maybe at Reichenbach Falls (hence The "Holmes" personality).  Maybe he was reading Sherlock Holmes.  Also, The New Adventures/"Bottle Universe" never happened in this universe!
* The 2nd GoG Dr/8th Dr: (Doctor Who Magazine # 173, 15 May 1991; very close!!!)
* The Master, nearly destroyed during The Time War, takes over Les Strada'a body (police officer / The New Order) sometime after.
* Dr saves Rani's life (she too regenerates).
* K-9 Mk 2 joins Dr (Lalla Ward's Romana is LP) prior to Double Jeopardy.
* Dr captured by The Master.
* Dr places all memories into pocket watch & sends TARDIS away before Master apprehends him.
* Dr is cloned (The Valeyard is part human!!!!!).
* Master "improves/alters" the clone (additional/basic Time Lord knowledge).
* Valeyard/clone learns about Deathworm from The Master (who learned it from the Morgs, prior to The Time War).
* Valeyard takes pocket watch to gather information.
*Valeyard steals Master's TARDIS.
*Valeyard is pulled to Earth by a magnet (Double Jeopardy).
* Meets The Bounty Hunter in a saloon (Double Jeopardy).
* Valeyard creates TORCHWOOD; proclaims to U.N. it is a "superior group" that is "above the law".
* Echoes and Reflections begins.
* (Story sequel): Tennant's Dr w/ Rose????  The Master DOES regenerate????  So there is another NEW and different Master????
* The basis of this universe is set to include the comic strips, hence characters like The Doctor's "grandchildren", John and Gillian, are at least mentioned in the story!  I have Ablsom Daak (planned) for the alternate timeline in the parallel universe, but we'll see who else will be in this universe (at least mentioned)....

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