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Lord Amagon's Doctor Who stories

New Timeline Summaries

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Some SPOILERS may lie ahead!  Arrrrh!

New Timeline (The Dawn of a New Doctor):
Shattered Faith: The Doctor and Eve visit Salem, yet it's during The Witch Trials, and it's up to The Doctor to save Eve from being burned at the stake!
Character Analysis [2005]: The Doctor has regenerated, and Eve is scared for her life!
A Thought of the End [2015]:  The Doctor and his companion alter history, and end up saving the world.
Deadly Visions:  The Doctor must choose between his two companions.  One of them will die, and a change is coming to someone else....  Yet now The Doctor is now suffering the hallucinations which could end up destroying him.  He is saved by an familiar face, but is a different person, only to deal with the truth about his past....
Harsh Resolutions:  The Doctor and his companion travel to New Orleans for a little vacation time.  Unfortunately, they find out more than what they were expecting....
Prelude... to a Crisis!:  The Doctor enters the alternate universe and confronts familiar faces with different agendas.
Yin & Yang:  The Doctor has to deal with his greatest foe: HIMSELF!
Queen of Anarchy:  The Rani is in charge, and a familiar face is put in a different situation....
Violets & Darkness:  A haunted battlefield, and The Doctor and his companion must try to help the ghost find peace.
Portrait of Doubt:  The Doctor goes to London at the end of The 19th Century, and meets Dorian Gray and his new wife, Ria (Maria from the old timeline).  The Doctor must decide if he should save her from Dorian, or let her be his next ex-wife....
Xenodochy:  The Doctor is sent to the land of Amagon, where The Time Lords force him to destroy a dangerous threat, vampires!   Yet, will he be able to do this, as one of them was a former companion!!
Justifying the Means:  The Master is creating human/animal hybrids, and it's up to The Doctor to save another companion!
Variations on a Theme:  DALEKS!  'Nuff said!
The Knights of Yore:  The Doctor and his two companions (Evan & Zager) travel back to medievel times to help his original self.
Nexus of Reflections:  The Black & White Guardians show The Doctor and his two companions things from alternate timelines and the doomed fate of one of the companions, again!
Umbra:  The Doctor is on trial for what just happened, and now he has involuntarily been put into something that will literally decide his fate....
* So far... (general summary/SPOILERS):
The Doctor has regenerated, most of The Earh has been overtaken by The Sea Devils and Silurians, and The Doctor ends up causing The second Ice Age to defeat them all. 
Slowing becoming darker, he takes his new companion to the past, where he lives as a medical doctor, however, he has been causing trouble of the streets of White Chapel as well.  Eve does get help from The Time Lords, The Doctor's memory is erased, and he is exiled on future Earth, where his new companion fix something in the past, which The Time Lords accept, and fix what The Doctor did!
The Doctor travels on with his two companions, only to loose one to poisoning by The Master.  The Doctor believes he has killed The Master, does suffer from the poision, and sees people from the former timeline.
As he and his companion travel to New Orleans, the companion stays, and ultimately dies while saving others from the tragic events of the hurricane and weak levees.
The Doctor travels to the parallel universe, where he meets other versions of his enemies, The Doctor, and his mirror self....

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