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Miscellaneous stories that could POSSIBLY fit into the old, new, and or alternate timelines!

Lost in Time series (Miscellaneous Memories):
(I haven't updated the covers yet, but this should be the last arrangement!)
#1 - A Chance Encounter:  A short tribute to Patrick Troughton.  My Doctor and his companion, Zager, crossover and meet The 2nd Dr & Jamie in a pub.  I think I will expand on it later on.  This was originally in the continuity, but I had to make some changes....  I do want to add on a little bit, and actually try to link it to the 2nd Dr's real continuity.  It would be after War Games, and right after The Two Doctors.
#2 - Swing & Let's Shag!:  My Dr (either timeline), traveling in space, only to meet... Dr. Evil, Austin Powers, and of course, Fat Bastard!  It's a lively, short short story, but it fits here more than there....  Set between The Spy Who Shagged Me! & Goldmember and after my Doctor looses Zager.
#3 - Takin' Care of Business:  I will tell my personal tale in this one as a companion, with Nicola Bryant as the female Doctor.  This will be based on true events, AND there will be SURPRISE guests, and a shocking ending....
#4 - Cyber Factions:  Summarized in Nexus of Reflections, the story will be told of what The Doctor went through, The Federation crew he worked with, and the truth behind The Borg!
#5 - Civil Liberties:  A story of the 1st female Doctor (Angela Duplis) as she goes back in time to the American Civil War as she tries to bring two brothers fighting on opposite sides. 
#6 - Shadows of The Valeyard:  The 2nd female Doctor (Nicola Bryant) must find her way with the help of a mysterious stranger.  Along the way, she meets some familiar people, as well as Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer! (Based on The Wizard of Oz)
#7 - Meeting The Teletubbies:  I constantly take it out then back into... continuity, but for now, I decided to... remove it!  I've had various Drs play the part, but I changed it back to my Dr, with K-9!
#8 - Alternate Responses:  An alternate version of Identity Crisis.  It's a bit of an amalgamation of some other stories, presented into a very simple form.  Different from the documentary film version. *First appearance of the 1st female Dr, Angela Duplis.
#9 - Who is... Doctor Omega?: Another story taken from the main timeline, but this could fit in the new timeline as well, as it has my Doctor & Zager in the story.  Here, they go into an alternate universe and see The 1st Dr (Charles Martin) actually was a companion to Doctor Omega, and the meeting of the Electromen.
#10 - Foreshadows: This is now a story about The Master, as he is shown his fate in different scenerios.  Featuring both Masters and the fortune teller from Harsh Resolutions!
#11 - Echoes and Reflections:  Hyacinth and K-9 are sent by the Celestial Intervention Agency of Gallifrey to find The Doctor, as his predecessors could not be found, and some companions here and there are being killed off!  (3rd Timeline!)
#12 - Mission: Find The Doctor - dead or alive!: TORCHWOOD is no more, but the sole survivor tries to pick up the pieces, create a new team and find The Doctor, however, this new team must also deal with the return of an evil Time Lady and others that are more of a surprise....  (3rd Timeline!)
#13 - Repeat Performance: Based on the scene from Double Jeopardy with my character & the bounty hunter based in different timelines with a different beginning and ending every time!
#14 - The Bounty Hunter Archives:  Nothing as of yet, as John Kinney (whom created the character) & I will work on it some more.  I want it to show go more of The Bounty Hunter's detailed journeys into both timelines.  He DID give me an idea for the last chapter, which is actually somewhat decently good!
#15 - Time Infractions:  One situation played over and over again, BUT with different Doctors.  We see their interpretation of what to do.  This includes all GoG Drs (including the different versions of my Doctor, The Valeyard, and the female Drs.), as well as The Masters, The Ranis, and so other characters that they we in contact with (companions, others; I'll try).
#16 - Who is... The Doctor?I decided to release an essay covering the people who portraited The Doctor in these timelines.  It will basically re-use info I have here, and summarize everything as well. *NOTE: this needs to be updated tremendously!!!
Other people's stories:
Roger Boyes' Doctor Who stories/films:  He was TECHNICALLY the original 3rd Dr in the OLD GoG timeline (which lead me to create a NEW timeline).
Whether he wants to link his stuff with what I created is his choice.  I gave him an origins story Identity Crisis, and with his help, I will write the sequel, The Vampire's Curse (This is THE alternate sequel to Identity Crisis, which will futher set the stage for Roger Boyes' own Dr Who stories and fan vids of his old & new adventures; it will now be a part of Time Infractions), which will separate his stuff from The GoG, but again, it's up to him if he wants any part of what has been done.
The Time Puzzle (Guardians of Gallifrey 1996 Yearbook):  It was to be a fan-story extension from after Double Jeopardy dealing with our 1st Dr & assistant, Phina.  It also tied-in actual members of the club, and their short stories.  My original version of A Thought of the End had a paragraph added to "relate" to DW.  I consider this just fan fiction/"non-canon".  By all you have seen on this site, I have EXPANDED onward from the 2 movies in both timelines. and the Lost in Time series.
{Space available}  This is to say if anyone would like to write/co-write/give ideas for a story/stories with me that may fit either of the timelines I created (titles & summaries I started), they are gladly welcome & accepted!  Stories about The GoG Drs as well as The Masters, The Ranis, even The female Drs....  I would even help out if you want to do an ALL NEW 3rd film!  Go at it people!

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All rights to Dr Who names and characters are copyrighted to the BBC and so forth.  These pictures & stories are not for sale, as they are for personal use only & to be enjoyed by all!  Characters of The GoG, Roger Boyes, various others, and myself are all copyrighted as well.  Copyright 2005-2009.  Reverend-Amagon-Blog.