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Lord Amagon's Doctor Who stories

Old Timeline Summaries

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Some SPOILERS may lie ahead!  Arrrrh!

Old Timeline (The Journal of an Evil Time Lord):
Glass Walls: The Doctor takes a new companion to the past, where they meet the former Queen Alura and see how her society differs from others.  Can The Doctor save the day, again, before it's too late?
Enter The Valeyard:  The origins of The Valeyard are revealed in the time-crossed story, and his "change" into The Doctor!
The Reptilian Factor:  The Doctor goes to Mars to meet two of his greatest enemies, rescues Zager, and find a spoiler is left open indefinitely....
First Encounters [1989, 2004]:  Zager & Evan go on a short trip.  (TIE-IN to IC)
Bitter Revelations:  Zager is captured by The Cyber Fleet, and it's up to The Doctor and his original self to do something about it.
Carbon Nations:  The Doctor returns to his parallel universe and learns what The Master has been up to while he was gone, plus, The Rani shows up!
Land of Amagon:  Returning from the parallel universe & remembering his past, The Valeyard has overtaken an ancient land for his own against a madman and his demon sidekick.
Identity Crisis [base time: 2005]: All The (GoG) Doctors and some companions deal with the trifecta of The Valeyard, The Rani, & the bounty hunter.
Operatic Phantasms [1898]: The new Doctor meets The Phantom of the Opera (per se).  Things changed, but things do get better, sometimes.
Monkey Business [2000]: The Valeyard/Doctor and Maria travel to modern day club and have to deal with another enemy.  (TIE-IN to IC, set after Enter The Valeyard)
Zen & Tao:  The new Doctor travels to Amagon on a new mission to determine the return of the castle, and the appearance of two strangers....
Return to Gallifrey:  The new Doctor, who slowly becomes darker with The Valeyard's ring, has come home to defend The Lord President in a trial.
The Two Masters:  The possessed Valeyard rescues The Master from Skaro.
Reichenbach Falls:  The Master goes back to the time of Sherlock Holmes to destroy The original Doctor.
Continuous Sequences / Alternative Consequences:  Audrey goes on adventures with The 1st & 2nd (GoG) Doctors, meets The Rani for the first time, while The new Doctor confronts The possessed Valeyard, for the last time, then...  a different Doctor has to deal with The Master in this altered timeline story!
Epilogue of Changes: The Valeyard/Doctor wants everything to be erased and changed back!
* So far... (general summary/SPOILERS):
The Valeyard (not knowing he is from a parallel universe), crosses over to this universe, where he learns to become more evil.  However, his conscious takes control, and he takes on the mantle of The Doctor.
The Celestial Intervention Agency takes advantage of this, and sends him on missions.  He saves one companion, and is reunited with another, only to eventually loose them both.
One of the companions, Zager, is fully transformed into a Cyberman, tried to create The New Order, and is destroyed by The 1st Doctor (also occurred in his own universe).
He then returns to his universe, defeats The Master, only to slowly be taken over by the remains of his greatest foe.  As he tries to regain control, he decides to re-create the experiment of creating The Valeyard in this universe, by capturing his past companions and previous selves.
Unfortunately, his predecessor in this universe regenerates, so he takes the claim of Lord President of Gallifrey to befriend this new Doctor.
Eventually, The Valeyard's plan fails, he becomes completely possessed by The Master, and goes off to cause more problems for the new Doctor.
Ultimately, the new Doctor will go to Gallifrey to confront The Lord President....

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